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Lido Customer

The Lido was operated for years and years as a store specializing in cheeses. Most notably, they purchased all the 'expired' cheeses from local stores and continued selling them. I went there with my family almost weekly, where the aging German couple offered samples and great bargains for those who love strong cheese. There was no mystery about the store then - not sure why it mysterious now.

Tamara Brooks

That is so awesome.. I wish I had known that when the store was open. I love strong cheese and can just imagine the aging German couple. What a neat sounding place, I love little tidbits of life like that.

Thanks for sharing that with us Lido Customer.

John Payzant

I've worked at Planet Bingo since 1991 passed by the Lido many times. I've never seen the place opened. Some of my customers, one family, mentioned they like to shop there and about the cheeses available. But I walked by to see and there was always the same older items never moved. It was like the store was abandoned. There is an old house next door and I assumed it was owned by the same person. The Lido owner lived in one of the suites above.

John Payzant

The husband and wife knew about the money. Looks like they eventually started putting it in the bank. But their extra earlier stash they kept as is. Sounds like they knew what they were doing. Sounds like the children probably knew something but didn't want to bother cleaning up the place themselves. The parents were old, so the children might have been too old to clean up the place on their own. After an article in the Vancouver Courier about The Lido is when newspapers were put on the windows. One article mentioned the husband died in 1997 was probably the last time the store was opened. The Courier article was in about 2004. Eventually the store was opened as a clothing business. Sounds like she died Feb 2008 was around 11 years after her husband. There was a rather old woman living in the house next door. I used to sometimes see her working on her front yard. That was one of the few times I saw her. Now that place is all fixed up too. She might have sold it and moved into an apartment, care home or passed away.

John Payzant

I'd heard that they used to own a house across the street and rented it out. That house is now demolished. The house next door to The Lido was not owned by them. Their Lido Deli was quite good and was a destination for a certain amount. The word 'Lido' means 'a place where one can swim' means a nice area to swim like some kind of oasis. Thus the name Lido was chosen and that is probably why it was chosen.

My former Bingo customer who lives near me mentioned this. Her relatives rented the house from the Lido owners that was across the street. Her grandfather used to go from Richmond to The Lido. So, this was somewhat of a destination for some. They'd owned other properties too. As they got older was only opened on Fri. Then it was opened only on Sat.

John Payzant

The sign 'The Lido' looks kind of 1930s art-deco

Moving into and buying the building in the 1940s perhaps that was the style they leaned towards

The Lido and quite a few things about the owners seemed to be 1930s style

One of the more interesting things was the $400,000. & $1,000 stashes found upstairs

The stashing of money seemed to be a family trait

All of the other older styles of things there too

The relatives seemed to me to be older too

If they were younger would probably have cleaned up the place themselves but a company did it instead


Like many, I've wondered about this place for years...

John Payzant

It is the last of one of many small 'mom & pops' stores that's been swallowed up by the big box stores. They can sell the stuff cheaper than they can buy. It's about volume on a rather large base. The late owners would probably go the the Superstore either the one on E Broadway & Renfew or the one on SW Marine & Main, but the near expiry date cheeses and sell them. They started on Fri for around 5 hrs then to Sat for around the same amount of time. They were too old to keep the place open any longer. Some time ago in the past really were the days to own a delicatessen. This would've been in the 1940s when they opened it. Sounds like the couple came from Germany or something given their surname. They probably really knew what they were doing when it comes to food. They were probably pretty good cooks.


My boss used to buy aluminum foil from the Lido back in 1983. We were archaeologists and used it for collecting radiocarbon dating samples. He bought it from the Lido because it was very cheap. He told me the Lido was only open for one hour a week and that was on saturday. I used to walk by it all the time and it looked like a store that sold odd items, but was rarely open and looked dusty. Definitely a front for something.

On another note, a good friend of mine worked across the street at the time the Lido was operational. He used to work into the wee hours of morning and he noted that quite often when he was working the late hours, a truck would stop at the Lido and they would unload/load stuff and then would be gone a few minutes afterward. He figured it had something to do with the mob LOL.

I just figured it was a front for something, as Vancouver is and was a center/hot bed for a lot of spy activity. However, it did attract a bit too much attention over the years. Many people I spoke with wondered about the building/business. Still, it wasn't what it looked like.

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